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Our Services

Planning permission can be complex and sensible, effective planning advice is essential to secure valuable planning permission the first time around.  Our experience and understanding of the planning system, means each project we submit has the best possible chance of gaining planning permission, which is of considerable value to our clients.

Occasionally it may be advisable to undergo a pre-application process. This usually involves a submission and a series of meetings and discussions with the planning authority, depending on the size and nature of the development. We can advise when this is appropriate.


Planning Applications

Do you need planning consent? Which type of planning application do you complete? 

We have an established history of planning applications and can prepare and submit your application for applications such as:

  • Householder planning consent
  • Full planning consent 
  • Outline planning consent
  • Conservation area consent 
  • Reserved Matters
  • Listed building consent 
  • Advertisement consent 
  • Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) 
  • Prior notification 
  • Removal/variation of conditions 
  • Approval of conditions 
  • Consent under Tree Preservation Orders 
  • Notification of proposed works to trees in conservation areas

We submit all of our planning applications online using the Planning Portal. This facilitates easier communication between all parties, reduces paper usage and reduces cost to our clients.