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Our Services

We can prepare full building regulation drawings and construction specifications for projects.  Our technical knowledge informs our design at planning stage such that what we design can be built.

We will prepare drawings showing the detailed construction of your project. These drawings will be submitted to Building Control for approval prior to the start of any building work. At this stage it may be necessary to employ another professional, for example a structural engineer to provide detailed calculations for the structural elements before approval can be obtained.

All applications for new houses and conversions, and for some extensions, will require a calculation to show the target CO² emission rate of the building fabric, including methods of heating and ventilation. This requires a calculation prepared by a specialist consultant for which a fee will have to be paid.

When we design the building we need to take into account the energy loss through the structure and this has various implications. It can for example significantly reduce the amount of glass that can be used, and this needs to be taken into account at the design stage.

In addition most buildings, but not domestic extensions, will have to meet new requirements for soundproofing and ventilation, and will have to be tested to show that they comply. These tests will need to be paid for separately.

If you are extending your property you may be required to carry out work to the existing house to bring it up to modern standards. For example, if your electrical installations are old or inadequate they may need upgrading.